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About Us

Wonderful Living Media explores what makes a happy and healthy life and ultimately a wonderful life.  Our viewers are looking to get the most out of life and Wonderful Living's mission is to help them get it.  Good health, the arts, faith, inspiration, motivation, travel, good food..or a good laugh; just some of the key components of wonderful living that our programming focuses on.  And, of course, we have a special connection with the film ''It's a Wonderful Life'' which we explore through various series and specials year-round. Wonderful Living TV celebrates the truly good life spent close to good friends and family. We'll introduce you to people, places, and stories that will convince you that indeed It is a Wonderful Life!

Pictured: Anny Havland host of Kind TV and Karolyn Grimes host of Angels Among Us and actor from It's a Wonderful Life.
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