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Life is Great

Half-Hour   |  Weekly  |  Inspirational, Self-Development

Yitz Wyne (pronounced like the drink) believes life is great.  He even wrote a book about it.

But, it's more then optimism and positive thoughts.... Rabbi Yitz Wyne has the proof to back it up.


From his encounters with patrons at a local coffee shop to his observations from Jewish practice and history Yitz Wyne provides compelling insight into why and how Life is Great.  His weekly dose of inspiration and practical advice serve as a blueprint for viewers who want to experience the kind of life that Yitz insists is possible for each and everyone of us -- no matter who we are -- right now if we'll grasp on to essential truths that are as old as time.


He's a trained rabbi with his own congregation in the most spiritual of all places -- the desert!  More specifically; Las Vegas.  Before that he lived in another desert -- Israel where attended seminary.

Rabbi Yitz's desert-hopping from the Holy Land to Sin City in a quest for spiritual enlightenment and life mastery has yielded an unshakable confidence in him that life can be great no matter what your circumstances, a conviction he shares with his audience with great enthusiasm.


Life is Great!  Every Wonderful Wednesday at 5:00PM ET/PT and Always on-demand.

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