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Darts Nation

30 minutes  |   Sports, Reality   |  Weekly/Binge

Darts Nations showcases a community of players who love to play the sport of darts. They compete for the right to play in the Tournament of Champions. 


 All across America, there is a community of people who love to play the sport of darts. They play in bars, taverns and fraternal clubs in leagues where they compete to make it to the annual Tournament of Champions. Partners Promoting Darts, or the PPD, is a sanctioning body which hosts the nation's biggest tournament - with payouts far exceeding anything else in North America. At the TOC nearly one million dollars in prize money is available - and players of the PPD are all trying to take it home. One sanctioning body, one tournament - nearly one million dollars...Welcome to the world of soft tip darts - welcome to Darts Nation.

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